April 7, 2014

Nutrition Education Program

By Jim Beaumont

What is it?
This is a 6 week program tailored for your needs to determine the right direction to meet your goals. You will work one-on-one with an experienced coach and certified sport nutrition specialist who will hold you accountable to the plan, while educating you to better understand nutrition and your body’s needs.

Initial private one-hour consultation to gather your history, dietary needs, goals, etc.
Beginning weight and measurements.
Custom written program and manual.
2nd private consultation to explain the program and how to follow it including:
Food measurement.
Food label reading tutorial.
Shopping and supplement guidelines (NOTE: I don’t sell supplements and will only tell you what I know to be proven safe and effective. This is not a marketing gimmick.)
Online nutrition logging program and support.
Weekly 30-minute weigh-in and check-up.

How do I know this will work?
This only works if you are willing to change your old habits. If you are ready, and honest with me and yourself, I won’t let you fail.
There are no guarantees (your success depends on your consistency).

Is this a “crash diet?”

Absolutely not. I don’t believe in diets or the concept of a temporary weight-loss strategy. I am giving you tools to use to help yourself permanently. This is an education program to help you make a lifetime of good nutrition choices.

After a solid month and a half of intense nutritional coaching and monitoring, you can make your own plan and make effective adjustments yourself. I don’t want you to thank me in 3 or 6 months, I want you to thank me years from now.

Who needs this program?
If you’ve bought diet books or infomercial diet products;
You’ve tried nutritional plans on your own and failed;
You are trying to lose weight and have not been successful on your own;
You want to improve athletic performance through healthier hormones, via proper nutrition;
You are a guy and even thinking of taking one of the many “testosterone boosters” on the market;
You crave sugar and have low energy;
You frequently search the internet looking for pieces of nutrition information, only to become more confused.

This program will NOT be for you if…
You are not prepared to be 100% honest about everything you eat and drink.
You are not prepared to give up harmful foods in your diet for one month, because you enjoy them.
You want to mix this program with another nutrition plan or eating strategy.
You are not prepared to take charge of your nutrition and full responsibility for everything you eat or drink.
You are looking for a quick fix in order to prepare for some event or contest.
You are doing this to please someone else, or to compare yourself to someone else.
You are not ready to learn and make a lifelong commitment to healthier choices.

Jim Beaumont, Idaho Kettlebell Strength and Condtioning. (208) 412-6079.

NCSF Certified Sport Nurtition Specialist, Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kettlebell Instructor, WKC-Ranked kettlebell lifter.

What are people saying about my nutrition program?

“I’ve learned more in one year from Jim than I learned in four years studying Exercise Science & Nutrition in college.”
-Cristy ‘CodeRed’. Former NPC figure competition competitor, and professional boxer, named “Top 3 Most Dangerous Females on the Planet” by Ring magazine, and voted “New York’s Best Trainer” by Allure magzine (2008).

“In March of 2012 I embarked on a new chapter of my life, guided by Jim Beaumont. I learned from him a new way of looking at food that provided me with the groundwork for an entire new way of life. I ultimately ended up shedding 35 pounds, and was able to get off all of my medications for cholesterol and insulin resistance…. With his assistance I learned how to become physically strong, and for the first time in my life I had the toned arms, shaped legs and hips, and the well muscled abs I had always dreamed of. I went from a size 14 to a size 4/6, and at the age of 46 I looked and felt better than when I was 30. The lessons I learned from Jim has allowed me to make a long lasting life change and that I still continue to follow today, more than two years since beginning this journey.”
– Paula Turner. Pocatello, ID. Mother of 2, veteran law enforcement officer, and Taekwon-Do black belt.

“After years of being a slave to calorie counting and food measuring plus endless hours of cardio and intense weight training in order to compete in fitness competitions I became sick at 30 years old. I developed an autoimmune disease that shut down my thyroid function…

After following Jim Beaumonts advice and changing my eating patterns, habits and nutrition choices I was able to wean myself off of my thyroid medication, sleeping pills and balance my hormones…

Adopting a “Paleo” or anti inflammatory diet has helped me improve my own health, quality of life, training style and overall relationship with food. As a Fitness Professional in an industry that puts an enormous emphasis on the female “ideal” form this has been a huge win for me and many of my clients.” -Jennifer Ludington, Chief Fitness Officer of A2O Fitness in Boise, ID.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Beaumont in 2012 at a nutrition seminar he held at A2O Fitness. At the time I was on the “normal” eat plan of 5…-6 small meals throughout the day and was struggling with fatigue and the inability to lose weight, in fact my weight was starting to creep up.

Each evening it would take me 30 minutes to weigh and measure the meals I took to my office every day: breakfast, lunch and two snacks. I had to eat every 2 hours or I would get brain fog and could not function at work. My career as an insurance broker can be very stressful and it involves traveling to meet with clients as well. Having to eat every 2 hours or suffering brain fog was starting to affect my work and personal life too. I had been weighing and measuring all of my food for 10 plus years and quite frankly this type of diet was not working for me anymore.

Jim’s approach to nutrition was radically different than what I had been taught. No calorie counting, no weighing or measure food, eat butter, bacon, nuts, avocado, eat as much steak and vegetables as I wanted until I was satiated. Honestly, the first 3-4 weeks were very difficult as I had trained myself to not eat 90% of the foods that Jim said I could now enjoy.”The eating plan was fairly easy; the hard part for me was changing my thinking. Going from eating no fat, low fat, cereal, bread, rice and pasta with a small amount of protein, salad with low fat dressing, lots of fruit, yogurt and cottage cheese to nuts, avocado, eggs, beef, chicken, bacon, pork, tons of vegies, no potatoes, rice, refined carbs, no processed foods was a challenge. The results speak for themselves, I completed a 6 week plan and lost 6 lbs. and reduced my body fat to 14% from 21%.

Fast forward to today and eating this way has become second nature, my weight has stabilized, my body fat continues to be low, my energy is higher, no more brain fog, I can travel all day and not have to eat every 2 hours. In fact, I can go 12+ hours between meals and keep the same level of energy and mental alertness. Needless to say, I will never return to the traditional way of eating.” -Gina Price Insurance Broker. Boise, ID.

$250 for the entire Nutrition Education Program, online coaching, and personal accountability meetings.

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