August 18, 2010

More reasons you should train with kettlebells…

“I have been training at Idaho Kettlebells since October of 2009. On July 11, 2010 I performed 28 strict, deadhang pullups. My previous record of 25 was from 2003, when I was deployed in Kuwait in the U.S. Marines. The added grip strength from training with kettlebells has added to this!”
– “Jake” (last name withheld): Former U.S. Marine and member of correctional facility tactical response team.

A few more reasons you should train with kettlebells…

Kettlebell strength and conditioning creates strength without bulk and burns more calories than nearly any other type of activity.

Core Strength: Every single movement with a kettlebell is a “core” exercise. No need for situps, crunches or idiotic machines.

Flexibility: Kettlebell movements enhance joint range-of-motion and injury resistance if used appropriately.

Balance and Stability: The kettlebell’s offset center-of-mass challenges the user’s balance and stabilization with every movement.

Calorie Burn: A recent laboratory study demonstrated that hard kettlebell training burns more calories per minute than ANY other form of strength or cardiovascular training. Fat does not survive this environment!

Physical and Mental Challenge: Kettlebell training taxes every muscle from the tips of the toes to the fingertips. This is a great mental and physical challenge. Mental focus and body awareness are mandatory during kettlebell training. This is the ultimate cure for the boring gym workout.

Where?: At Idaho Kettlebells, 1505 Industrial Way –

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