August 31, 2009

Free Beginner’s Kettlebell Workout

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Practice Turkish Getups for 5 minutes. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Don’t count reps, take as many rest periods as necessary. Do each rep perfectly. Don’t rush.

10 minutes of kettlebell swings.

Practice your swings for 10 minutes. Set the same timer, or watch the hands on a clock. Practice in sets of no more than 10 reps. If you are looking for a challenge, keep track of the time it takes to do you set, only rest that long before the next set. To slow things down, double the rest periods.

Keep yourself moving between sets by walking around.

If you feel like it after your swings, practice your Turkish Getups for another 5 minutes. Go nowhere near failure. Switch hands each rep.

Cooldown by walking, stretching and then get a post-workout snack with 30-40grams of carbohydrate within 45 minutes of your last rep. UFC 102 Clothing & Fight Gear


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