April 25, 2019

IKSC Weekly Link Blast: April 25, 2019

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Hey everyone!
I’ve decided to start putting out a blog post about every week with a bunch of interesting or relevant articles for those of you training with me. I normally share these on the Idaho Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Facebook page, but that is definitely not the most reliable way to get information out. I really hope some of this information is beneficial.

These emails will be purely informational, and you won’t be subject to marketing stuff. I realize sometimes the articles themselves will contain some marketing links, ads, etc., but I try to filter that out as much as possible. Rest assured, I am not being compensated for any information provided or sales of any product that might be advertised.

I hope this is helpful.

This is one of our staple exercises. I don’t just program these to make your traps and forearms sore.

This one reminds me of one of my favorite Mark Rippetoe quotes: “The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy is only perpetuated by women who fear work and men who fear women.”

Kettlebell ballistics like swings are speed and power movements with zero risk.

Protein myths that need to die.

Creatine. Get basic creatine monohydrate. I don’t currently supplement with it, because I eat tons of red meat, but if you don’t it is huge.

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