February 22, 2017

Your Swing is Never Perfect.

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Your swing is never perfect. Strive to work better, not harder.

Proper kettlebell swing training is not simply about using more weight. There is an optimal weight for everyone’s individual anthropometry. Owning this movement pattern will increase force production in nearly every area. The value is in owning this movement perfectly, not just pushing pounds. A fast, fluid and powerful swing with a kettlebell of the optimal weight is far superior to one with a heavier bell, even though the perceived exertion is more.

Key points:

1) Fold at the hips rather than squat at the knees or bend at the waist.

2) Weight is distributed evenly though the feet. Grip the ground with your toes.

3) Shoulders should remain back and down. Essentially, the opposite of a shoulder shrug.

4) Inhale though the nose on the backswing. Forcefully exhale through the teeth upon hip extension (Think of a high-pressure air hose). This is like a fighter taking a punch or kick to the body.

5) Grip the handle tightly with all fingers. “Hike” the bell back aggressively, and then accelerate the instant it reaches the peak of backswing. No hesitation or slack in kinetic chain. Think of a slingshot.

6) Knees should stay inline with the toes at all times. The shins should remain mostly vertical and should not translate past the toes.

7) Arms are straight at the backswing. Forearms should contact the inner thighs, above the knees, about 1/2 way between groin and knees. Do not “strafe” the ground.

8) Do not lift with the arms. The end height of the swing is mostly irrelevant. Full hip, knee, and torso extension is the goal. Swings will terminate between hips and shoulders. They should NOT go overhead.

9) Keep the spine neutral. Eyes should focus on a single, non-moving spot no higher than eye level across the room. Ignore your reflection in the mirror.

10) Abdominals should be braced like you are expecting a punch. Glutes are contracted hard. This, in coordination with breath control, will protect the spine. Muscular tension is your body’s armor. Lose tension, and you will get hurt.

Common Errors

* Lifting with the arms.

* Rounding back.

* Bending at the waist (“woodpecker swings”)

* Squatting the bell.

* Improper set up and finish of set.

* Losing speed and focus during the set.

* Upper body disengagement (“T-Rex swings”)

* Backswing is too high or too low: Either causes it to “tiger tail” or they strafe the floor.

* Disconnecting the lats and allowing the bell to pull the shoulders forward.

All of these errors will eventually cause discomfort and possible injury. Corrective techniques should be used to help get the client back on track and the best results possible.

February 18, 2017

Supplement and Nutrition Product Scam Test

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Supplement and Nutrition Product Scam Test:

1) Does the supplement company immediately discuss a “business opportunity?”

*If so, the supplement company makes more money off of the person signing up to sell the stuff than it does from profit margin of the actual physical product.

2) Do they ask for hundreds of dollars for their business starting kits or fees? Are there various “levels” of opportunity, based on how much you are willing to plunk down?

*They ask for hundreds of dollars for “starting kits” because this is how they make money…making money off of would-be sellers, not from the product itself.

3) Do you see their products sold in the standard retail marketplace? Or, are they only available after attending special meetings that discuss marketing opportunities?

*Their products are not available on the standard market because they can’t compete, unless they are sold where there are no competing products.

4) Are the majority of sales made to the general public? Or are the distributors and end-users one and the same?
*It is not a legitimate business. It is a pyramid scam.

Beware that Facebook is a huge open range for network marketing scams.

As my friend James Allen Stanton said:
“Network marketing: It still works, because people are still stupid.”

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