November 2, 2016

Turkish Getups

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Turkish Getups

For the most part, you can totally “geek out” on the getup. There are probably 1,000s of good articles online from a variety of differing sources on the getup. What’s more, is that you will find that it combines elements of many staple strength, mobility, and stability exercises in one package.

The getup is best learned in person, by an experienced instructor. After that it will easily take 500-1000 correct repetitions in order to understand well, before you will effectively be able to teach others.

The getup trains several different movements. No doubt, if we put our heads together we could probably come up with a dozen more.

In fact, in one exercise the getup fulfills all of Tudor Bompa’s (the father of periodization training for sports) 6 Basic Laws of Strength Training. These are used to ensure the value of an exercise selection for any sports strength and conditioning program.

1. Develops joint flexibility.

2. Develops tendon and ligament strength.

3. Develops core strength.

4. Develops the stabilizers.

5. Trains different major human movements.

6. It focuses on elements of strength that are necessary, while not being a new, gimmicky exercise.

Here are a few things the getup trains:

-Horizontal pressing

-Unilateral overhead stabilization throughout a full range-of-motion.

-It is both an open-chain and closed-chain movement at different stages.

-Lunging, hip hinging.

-Rotational and anti-rotational strength.

-It requires strength and stability for the entire shoulder complex.

-Thoracic spine mobility.

-Contra-lateral movement.

-Breath control.

-Core stabilization.

-Balance and proprioception.

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