October 26, 2010

Super Simple Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss:

Super Simple Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss:
Here are a few quick nutritional tips. I am a kettlebell strength and conditioning coach, kettlebell instructor and licensed fitness trainer, not a nutritionist.

These are just a few suggestions for those looking to lose weight through exercise. Any weight loss goal is at least 80% nutrition. You can’t out-train the dinner table.

I know there are other things that could be included, but these are a few that I know that people routinely struggle with. They are presented in no particular order.

You have to be accountable for everything that goes in your mouth.
Most people have no idea what “one serving” of anything is. I know I didn’t at one point. Studies have shown that people underestimate portion sizes by up to 40%. Whatever the actual amount of underestimation, the fact is you will de-rail your weight loss goals if you don’t measure everything accurately. This includes drinks. Drinking calories destroys a weight-loss goal. This includes alcohol. Alcohol is guaranteed to sabotage you.

Get a food scale and measure everything. Don’t make excuses.

“Too busy” is not acceptable.
I know that measuring, planning and accounting for every food and drink item takes time and effort, just like any other worthwhile accomplishment. Everyone has other commitments, such as work, family or school. You just have to find a way. Period.

Poor eating is usually a factor of poor planning.
Take time to plan your meals. I loosely follow The Warrior Diet, in which I starve myself most of the day, and then pig out at night. This is my personal choice, and I do not have a weight loss goal. This is not for everyone.

Plan your meals based around a lean protein source and some fruits and vegetables. This protein source could be as simple as whey protein mixed in water.

Along with poor planning, comes eating out. Let us just be safe and assume that everything you eat at a restaurant is horrible for you, even if it is presented as something healthy. This means you have to pack things with you. Go get a small cooler and get ready to pack things that do not need to be cooked.

Yes, once per week or so you can have a cheat meal that you indulge yourself with. This should only be once per week. Go ahead and plan your cheat meal and enjoy it!

If you can’t eat it raw, don’t eat it.
This obviously does not include meat, fish or eggs. You have to cook these things or you will get sick and die (or wish you did).

This includes things like any vegetable, nut or fruit. Eat only whole, raw nuts. No roasted nuts.

This doesn’t mean you can’t eat things that are cooked. It just means that you should be able to eat it raw if you had to. Take potatoes, for example: You could eat a raw potato. It would taste terrible, but it wouldn’t kill you.

No processed grains.
Consume nothing containing any form of wheat. No bread. No bagels. No pasta. None. These things are all horrible for you. Get your carbohydrates from things that grow straight from the ground, like vegetables and fruits.

Drink lots of water.Keep a water bottle near you at all times. Try to drink at least 3-4 litres of water per day. Everyday. Don’t be afraid to drink more.

Keep a food log that you can track portion sizes and calories consumed with.
This is extremely important. Write down everything you eat and the amount immediately. Don’t wait an hour or until the end of the day. Write it down as you eat it. You will forget otherwise, and you will take in more than you intend to.


October 18, 2010

4-Week Press and Swing Program Video

Here is a quick video to go with the article in Kettlebell Inc’s online kettlebell magazine, August 2010.

Click here to visit Kettlebell Inc.

After getting tons of questions about the timing of the sets and other things, I just decided to throw up a quick video. Enjoy.

October 4, 2010

Kettlebell Training -vs- Kettlebell Lifting – Part 1

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Kettlebell Training -vs- Kettlebell Lifting

To many, these two terms are interchangeable. Trust me, they are not.

Kettlebell Training is exercise with a kettlebell, which includes exercises like the Turkish Getup and the 2-arm swing.

Kettlebell Lifting is the practice of using a kettlebell in a precise way during the three competitive kettlebell lifts: the clean and jerk, the snatch and the jerk.

The difference between these two is like the barbell exercises performed at your local gym, versus the weightlifting events during the Olympic Games. Kettlebell Lifting is very precise, and skill is paramount. This does not take away from the benefits of Kettlebell Training. I will never quit doing the Turkish Getup, for example. It just makes one aware that there is another dimension of kettlebell fitness, that exists beyond what you normally see practiced in this country.

I recently spent three days at The Ice Chamber fitness facility in San Francisco, learning from the absolute best kettlebell lifters in the country. This particular facility has produced four Masters of Sport, which is more than any other location in this country. Master of Sport (MS) is a kettlebell sport ranking, which is attained during competition. Women use one 44lb kettlebell for a 10-minute set for a designated number of reps, and men use a 70lb kettlebell or kettlebells, depending on the event.

All three grueling days were spent on the clean, the snatch and the jerk. These movements have many small details, and 20 of us from around the world practiced them for 100s of reps in front of Head Coach Valery Fedorenko (who has standing kettlebell lifting records from the former U.S.S.R) as well as 4-5 other MS, including America’s first MS Cate Imes, and Master Trainer and Master Coach Steven Khuong.

I am now certified as a World Kettlebell Club (WKC) Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Coach and WKC Certified Kettlebell Fitness Trainer. Neither of these certifications were easy.

While I have been working these techniques myself for the past year, since receiving my coach certification, I will now begin sharing these techniques with others.

Why change?

Because in life and in the fitness world, you either move forward or backward. There is really no maintenance.

At some point, shear physical will is not enough to produce maximum work capacity. Technical details must be addressed. I have found that in kettlebell fitness, the kettlebell sport lifts are the safest way to train with kettlebells, which translates into more work done. I simply had to learn from the best in the world, and Valery Fedorenko is it.

While I was familiar with the accomplishments of some of the Russian kettlebell champions, I had never witnessed them firsthand. At The Ice Chamber, I personally watched Valery Fedorenko snatch a 70lb kettlebell for 150 continuous reps with only one hand switch. Every rep looked identical, and he was barely winded at the end. This is truly an amazing demonstration of physical power, but this power was channeled through perfect technique.

Technical excellence was duplicated by MS Surya Voinar-Fowler, MS Maya Garcia and MS Sara Nelson at different points on both days, proving that his methods are repeatable.

I will slowly begin to implement some of these technical changes into my training methods in the best way I can.
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